The excellence of the service we provide is result of the continuous improvement in each one of the operative systems we have implemented, and also of the constant training and knowledge updates of our professional staff, which is integrated by specialists in the field, besides third party consultants which have wide experience in spill response in numerous areas of Latin America.

We provide integral services of specialized consultancy for environmental compliance

Hydrocarbon Spill Removal and Clean-up

Offshore & Onshore. Usage of specialized equipment

Spill Containment

Offshore, rivers & lagoons. Usage of container barriers of multiple dimensions as appropiate.

Spill Prevention Activities for Fuel Transfer Operations

Marine vessels docked at quayside or docking areas, and hull clean-up (at docking areas).

Contingency Plans

Industrial, harbor companies and marine vessels.

Harbor Facilities Clean-up

Quaysides, fenders, pilasters, concrete structure and metallic materials, derricks and other cargo handling units.

Evaluations & Inspections

Inland or maritime areas affected by pollution. For clients in maritime & industrial sector.

Inspection of Marine Vessel Hull

Performed by certified divers